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Former Nigeria Premier League Chief Victor Rumson Baribote, has questioned the legality of the impeachment process that lead to his outsting.

Former Premier League Chief Questions Legality of his Impeachment.

Former Nigeria Premier League Chief Victor Rumson Baribote has questioned the legality of the impeachment process that lead to his ousting.

Rumson Baribote was Chairman of the Nigeria Premier League in 2011 but was unceremoniously kicked out in 2013.

Reacting to questions from sports journalists on Whatsapp, Baribote pointed fingers at former Sports Minister Bolaji Abdullah for his impeachment.

“The process of my impeachment is illegal. The NFF statues are very clear and FIFA has said it clearly that whatever decision any Federation takes can’t come from outside the FIFA rules,” he told FUBF.

“You cannot go outside the law of Nigeria to operate. Most times we swim in ignorance and illegalities.

“Some of those people that were used to impeach me illegally don’t even know who Rumson Baribote is, they only worked against me just to satisfy their paymasters.

“I wasn’t given a fair hearing, because if you are impeaching someone, you have to put those allegations leveled against him aside for him to respond to, but I wasn’t given any opportunity to do that, because some group of people just gathered themselves in the middle of the night to do illegally impeach.

“Bolaji Abdullah who claim to love football more than all of us, was the one who sponsored my impeachment in the middle of the night. He wanted to bring in IMG to take over the league and thought I wouldn’t allow that to happen.

“So he blackmailed the NFF President then, Aminu Maigari in removing me, alongside the likes of Mike Idoko and that was what brought about the LMC.

“The same Bolaji Abdullah that claimed to be the messiah of Nigerian Football is no where to be found today, but we are still around the football cycle trying to ensure things are done the right way.

“As far as I am concerned, I was never impeached and sometimes you just have to allow God to fight for you.”

Baribote also said its wrong for Club owners to make pronouncements for other independent leagues in the country.

The former NFF vice president said other leagues should be the top priority of the NFF and should not be left stranded at the expense of the NPFL.

Following the suspension of the 2019/2020 football season in Nigeria due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the League Management Company, NPFL’s governing body has ruled that there will be no promotion or relegation this season.

The LMC also agreed to adopt the Point Per Game (PPG) framework to determine which teams will compete in the CAF Champions League and Confederation Cup next season.

Reacting to the development, Baribote opined that the same framework should be used to determine the relegation and promotion of teams to the top division.

“Illegality has eaten deep into the system and orderliness and peace shall return whenever we learn to play by the rules,” Baribote expressed in an online forum, FUBF.

“lf at the end of the day we decided to crown Plateau United as number one, which ever format we decide to employ meaning that the number one team on the log is the winner.

“Whichever strategy used to determine those that will represent the country in CAF competitions, we should also adopt that system to determine who goes down.

“ln every contest, there must be a winner and there must be a loser. So at the end of the day, we must be told who is going down.

“It’s laughable for club chairmen to decide for other leagues, we are just swimming in ignorance. FIFA/NFF statues dictate that all affiliates should determine their affairs without external influence.

“It is wrong for NPFL Club Owners to make a pronouncement for other independent leagues who are affiliate of their own rights, where did the football committee of NFF derive their power from to be the mouth piece of any league and to decide who goes up and who goes down?”

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